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Q. What do I need to do license my dog(s)?

A. If you have a dog over 6 months old, you must bring proof of rabies vaccination for the animal(s) to be licensed, as well as information on the sex, breed, color, and name of your dog. You must also provide your name and address. It's that easy!

Q. How much do dog licenses cost?

A. A dog license in the City of Buhl costs $20.00 per year, and is valid from January 1 to December 31 each year.

Q. What do I do if my dog is impounded?

A. If your dog is impounded please contact dispatch at 735-1911 to speak to an officer. To get your dog out of impound, you must first pay a $25.00 impound fee (per dog) to the City of Buhl at the Clerk/Treasurer's Office, and also purchase a license if you do not already have one.

Q.Will my dog be impounded automatically if it is at large?

A. Not necessarily. Officers of the Buhl Police Department work with owners of the animals to get them home safely. If the dog has a license on it's collar, every attempt will be made to contact the owner of the animal and return it directly to them without incurring impound fees. Also, if you call us and let us know that your dog is out and that you are actively looking for it, we may be able to help you find the animal and get it home, once again without being impounded.

Q.Can a cat be at large?

A. Unfortunately, no they cannot be considered at large, nor do we impound cats. Cats are considered a feral animal, which means they are not truly domesticated. We do not have ordinances regarding cats at large and generally do not respond to calls involving cats.

Q.Can I have livestock or fowl within the city limits?

A. As a general rule, no livestock is allowed to be kept in the city limits (see Ordinance 9-8-2), however, there are some exceptions to the ordinances which are listed in Ordinance Title 9, Chapter 5. Chickens are allowed in the city limits, in accordance with the ordinance listed above.

Q.Are Pot Bellied Pigs and Miniature Horses allowed in the city limits?

A. No, they are not. They are both considered livestock and fall under the provision of the ordinances listed above.

Q. How many dogs or cats am I allowed to have at one time?

A. Buhl City Ordinance 4-5-13 states that "It shall be unlawful to keep, maintain, harbor, or possess upon the premises of any one household more than four (4) dogs or cats, or any combination of such animals with a maximum of three (3) dogs, unless the owner or person in charge shall have obtained a non-commercial kennel license". This ordinance and the full provisions can be found in Ordinance 4-5-13.

Q.Why cant I park my vehicle on my lawn?

A. Buhl City Ordinance 9-13-3(H) prohibits parking of a vehicle in a front yard of a residence unless it is parked on a driveway that complies with the standards of the city ordinances regarding driveways.

Q.Will I be ticketed for parking my camp trailer or motor home on the street to load or unload for a trip?

A. No. Provision is given in the city ordinances regarding parking to have these vehicles parked for up to 72 hours for that purpose.

Q.I got a weed ordinance violation warning and/or a household goods warning violation. Am I automatically going to be cited or have a clean up on my property?

A. No. The warning notice is a simple request to bring the property into compliance with the city ordinances. You have ten (10) days from the date the warning is given to bring the property into compliance. If after the ten (10) day period, the property is still out of compliance you will then receive a Declaration of Violation and Order of Abatement. You will still have seven (7) days to bring the property into compliance. However, on the date listed for clean up on the Order of Abatement, the City of Buhl or their agent will clean up the property that is in violation, and the cost of the clean up will be assessed to the property taxes for the property. Additionally, a fine of $100.00 for violation of the ordinances can be assessed to the property owner.

Q.What if, after I get a violation warning from an officer, I bring the property into compliance within the ten (10) days?

A. Our officers will work closely with you during this process....all you need to do is call! If you bring the property into compliance, we will issue a letter of thanks, per the city ordinances, and no further action will be taken for that violation warning.

Q.Can an extension be granted to bring a property into compliance with the ordinances?

A. The Chief of Police can grant an extension for any violation warning, and if a person is making an effort to bring the property into compliance and is working steadily towards that goal, per the ordinances, an extension will be granted.

Q.I am physically unable to maintain my property, is there help available to me if I get a violation warning?

A. We maintain a list of local companies and individuals who will hire out to accomplish the work of bringing your property into compliance. There may also be civic or community organizations that would be willing to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A. Dangerous Animals: No person, firm, corporation or any other entity shall, at any time, keep or harbor, whether controlled or not, any reptile, insect or animal, including, but not limited to, venomous snakes, constricting snakes, frogs, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, spiders, poisonous insects, dogs or any other wild or domesticated animal, that has a propensity toward violence or aggressiveness or that poses the risk of attacking humans or other animals, within the limits of the city.

Dangerous Animals
Dogs Running at Large:

Buhl City Ordinance 4-5-5 RUNNING AT LARGE:

Except as provided by subsection 4-5-2D of this chapter, any person who owns, harbors or has in his or her control an animal, whether the animal is licensed or not, which animal is found at large upon the streets or alleys of the city, or in any public place in the city or upon any other premises without the consent of the person in possession of such premises, is responsible for such animal being at large and is in violation of this section; except:

     A. When such animal is controlled by a leash not exceeding eight feet (8') in length.

     B. Such animal be confined in a motor vehicle. (1974 Code § 8-118)

Animal Control

The City of Buhl ordinances can be found online at: 


The City of Buhl has ordinances governing the keeping of dogs as well as other domestic animals, wild animals, dangerous animals, and a list of prohibited animals within the city limits of Buhl. All of the City of Buhl animal control ordinances can be found in Title 4, Chapter 5 and Title 9, Chapter 8, section 2 (regarding Livestock and Poultry). Below are some of the ordinances that are most commonly inquired about within the City of Buhl. ​

All dogs in the City of Buhl are required to be licensed:

Buhl City Ordinance 4-5-2: DOGS:

A. License And Registration:

  1. Required: All dogs over the age of six (6) months, kept, harbored or maintained by any person in the city shall be licensed and   registered. (1974 Code § 8-117)
  2. Issuance: Dog licenses shall be issued by the city clerk-treasurer or any other person authorized by resolution of the city council to issue dog licenses (upon payment of a license fee in the amount set by resolution of the city council and approved by the mayor) for each dog. (1974 Code § 8-117; and. 2010 Code)
  3. Required Information: The owner shall state, at the time application is made for such license, his name and address and the sex, breed and color of each dog owned by him.

Code Enforcement

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