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What is "Accreditation" and why are we so proud to tell you about it? Accreditation, by definition, is "A certification process in which an agency meets a body of professional standards as demonstrated through formal inspection or audit by the authority granting the certification." The Idaho Chiefs of Police Association, which has membership comprised of Chiefs of Police and police department command staff from the various departments in Idaho, has set forth a collection of minimum requirements for accreditation that it has deemed necessary to enhance professionalism in Idaho law enforcement and quality of service to our citizens. Included in these professional standards are a Code of Ethics, minimum entry requirements, a recognized body of knowledge which officers study to draw necessary expertise, and other specific standards that form maximum guidelines for the practice of the police service as defined by law.

The first step is adoption of a formal Policy Manual that contains guidance to our officers across a broad spectrum of procedural and legal issues, and contains the professional standards mentioned above. The Buhl Police Department utilizes the Lexipol® policy manual, which is a constantly updated policy and procedure manual that is reviewed by legal and public safety professionals to ensure that the Buhl Police Department is following the best practices and laws regarding police services for our community. The manual is literally customized to meet the needs of the citizens of Buhl and our department. Additionally, all employees participate in Daily Training Bulletins, which is daily training on the content of the policy, procedure, and professional standards contained in the department policy manual. This daily training allows us to constantly stay trained and informed regarding the content of the manual, and ultimately to better serve the citizens of Buhl.

The accreditation process culminates in a comprehensive audit to guarantee that the professional standards required for accreditation are contained in the policy manual, and to verify that the officers of the department are putting them into practice. The Buhl Police Department first attained accreditation in 2002 under the guidance of then Chief Terry Tipton. We then were re-accredited in 2008 under Chief Ron Romero, and most recently in 2013 under current Chief of Police Eric Foster. The Idaho Chiefs of Police Association recently changed the standard for re-accreditation auditing from every five years to every three years, raising the standards to a new level to more frequently audit agencies and increase professionalism in Idaho law enforcement. The Buhl Police Department intends to continue to meet these standards of professionalism so we can continue to provide the best service possible to the citizens of the City of Buhl.

Recognized by the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association as a fully Accredited police agency

The Buhl Police Department is committed to the highest level of service to the citizens of the City of Buhl and visitors to our city. Buhl is a great place to live and work, and our department's primary focus is the safety of our community. Through partnership with our community, ongoing training, and hiring and retention of professional, dedicated employees we continue to achieve this goal.

Our greatest resource is our citizens, and without you we could not continue to effectively complete our mission. It is my hope that you find this website helpful, whether you are a resident of Buhl, thinking of relocating to Buhl, or just thinking about visiting our fine city. Suggestions on how to improve the site are always welcome, because it is a resource for our community.

Chief Eric B. Foster

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